The Christmas Crunch

The Christmas Crunch

Does the Christmas season send your mind into warp drive?

Are you at work, thinking about all the Christmas shopping you have to do, and the preparations you need to make at home for all your holiday guests, with only one week to go?

Here are some quick tips for surviving the Christmas Crunch:

  1. Write up a Christmas Gift List of who you are purchasing gifts for and potential gift ideas for each person. Carry it around with you in your wallet. If it's fresh on your mind, you might see a few gifts when you're out and about doing ordinary errands.
  2. Make a master to-do list for everything else (besides shopping). This will include party planning, cards, wrapping, decorating, cooking and household chores.
  3. Grab your calendar and spread out the to-do items so that you have one per day. Or if it suits you better, arrange your evenings so you can take advantage of late night trading and buy everything in one go.
  4. Take a peek at your wardrobe. You can usually guess how many events you'll be attending. Perhaps your own party? Family Christmas Eve? Office gathering? Cocktail party? Head to the closet and see if you can make enough holiday outfits to match. If not, add that to the shopping list in your wallet.
  5. And last but not least, don't forget to spoil yourself! Now is a great time with all the last minute Christmas sales to add a new outfit to your wardrobe.

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