Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Can I save the work that I've done on a template?

A. Yes! You can save our Word documents just like you save any other file. Select Save As, and place the file in the location of your choice. You can make changes to your own files for corrections or future presentations. If you do not have Word you can download the templates to a disk for use on another computer that has the software. You can do this by selecting the template of your choice, when prompted to Open or Save to Disk, select save to disk.

Q2. Can I add pictures or graphics to the templates?

Yes, you can insert pictures in the same way that you can in any way that you can in any other Word Document. An easy way to do this is to click on any of the graphics that already exist in the template. When you do this, the Picture menu will appear - the first action button in the picture menu will allow you to Insert Picture. Locate the picture of your choice.

Q3. Can I change the colours of text and/or graphics on the templates?

Yes. If it is an object you are trying to change, click on the object until a box surrounds it. Right click the mouse and select Picture Object and Open. Select what you want to change by clicking on that portion and use the colour tool bar at the bottom of the screen to make your changes. Once you are happy with the colours, select Close Object and your template will be up-dated. For changing of text colour, font, etc, this is done as in Microsoft Word.

Q4. When I print my template, why do I get a blank page printing out after my printing should be completed?

This is a form feed blank page and will happen with some of the templates due to the formatting and set-up.

Q5. How can I use these templates to create a mail merge?

To create a mail merge you will need to delete the fields currently in the template then save the document onto your desktop (for example). When you reopen this document it will be a blank main document in a mail merger format. The Marbig Convention Badges (Product Code: 91005) are NOT compatible with mail merge.
If you wish to create your own template, please see the below measurements;

Top=0cm Side=.6cm Height=5.7cm
Width=9.5cm Vert Pitch=5.7cm Hor Pitch=9.5cm
Numb Across=3 Numb Down=2 Paper=A4 Landscape

Q6. I am having trouble using the templates. Can you help?

We have PowerPoint Presentations available on our website that take you through how to use our pre-formatted templates - for MACO LABELS, MARBIG VIEW TAB TRANSPARENT DIVIDERS and MARBIG DIVIDERS. Select BROCHURES from the Home Page. At the bottom of the list, there are some PowerPoint Presentations. Select the Presentation for the product you are using.


Q1. When I use this product, the subject headers sometimes get lost behind the pages in my presentation, what should i do?

View tab has a page holder with a unique design that allows it to work in any size binder. Larger binders tend to push the contents farther out to the right, which would cause the contents to cover up your subjects. We developed our title page holder with a flap that has two positions. If you unfold the flap, it allows your headers to stay in view in larger binders.

Q2. What is the clear sheet without a tab for?

The clear sheet is your cover sheet. This should be the first sheet in your binder and will protect your table of contents page from wear and tear.

Q3. Sometimes my titles do not automatically show on the second page on screen. How do I get them to show?

Select Print Preview and you will see your titles on screen now.

Q4. I am using the 10 Tab View Tab Transparent Dividers and all of my titles are not printing out on the landscape page - the first and last titles in particular. How do I get all titles to print?

Some printers do have a problem with this page due to the amount of text that needs to be printed and your printer set-up. To print all titles, you may need to change your font size and the justification of each title. To do this, save this file as a Word Document. Once opened in Word (instead of directly from the website), you can select the text within each tab. This can then be formatted to get it to print - for example, change the justification from centre to left or right, reduce the size of the font, remove the bold, etc. It may also be a good idea to reduce the amount of text within each of the titles on the landscape page.

Q5. I am receiving the message "Margins are set outside of your printable area". What should I do?

ACCO has designed view tabs to work on all printers. Due to the variability of printable area of printers depending on manufacturer and/or mode, our formatting instructions may not apply to your particular printer. Therefore, if you receive a message that margins are set outside of your printable area, please following these instructions:

PC users: In Page Setup, select OK, and you will be prompted to "Fix" or "Ignore" the margins. Choose "Ignore" to continue past the unprintable margins question. Print.

Macintosh Users: change your paper to "custom paper" size. Enter the paper size as A4 (297mm tall x 210mm wide) wide for both sheets. Print.


Q1. I am using hte 10 Tab View Tab / 10 or 20 Tab Standard Dividers and having problems printing them. Can you help?

If you are having difficulty printing all of the tabs in any of the 10 or 20 Tab templates, this could be from your printer not letting you print custom sized paper. Please try our A4 version that may work with your printer settings.

View Tab A4 templates

Standard Dividers A4 templates

Q2. I thought the templates would print out on the tabs of the dividers. Can I print directly onto the tabs of Dividers?

Printing directly onto the dividers is not recommended as dividers are actually wider than A4 and will not feed successfully through most printers. Also, most dividers have a reinforced binder strip where the holes are punched on the left-hand side. Printers are too hot for this binding strip and may, in fact, cause it to shrink when printing damaging the divider. An alternative to printing directly onto the divider to title the tabs of your dividers, is to use Marbig View Tab Transparent Dividers. The templates for this product print out a table of contents page (or index page) and a title page for the back of the binder. This title page at the back of the binder is placed inside a special pocket (that is included with the View Tab Transparent Dividers) and enables your titles to be seen through the transparent tabs of the dividers from anywhere in your binder/presentation. This eliminates flipping back and forth to the front of the binder/presentation when needing to find particular contents. There are 8 different template designs available for this product and the product itself is available in 5 and 10 tab, both in a coloured version and a clear version. You can find out more about our VIEW TAB TRANSPARENT DIVIDERS on our web-site - simply select Dividers and Indices from the Home Page; select Dividers View Tab from the menu on the left hand side; select View Tab Dividers from the drop down menu.

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